Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

We met up with the Harris's at the park, and the kids took some professional pictures together, we'll see how those turn out soon. They were really cute, picking berries off the bushes together. I think the pictures will be adorable.

After the park we went to lunch and the kids rode the train at the mall. They also got to try out a new "Hurricane Wind Simulator". It was loud, and windy. Nevertheless.. they enjoyed it. Thanks Mr. Funny Mike!

We went to the Harris's house for dinner and Wii bowling. I know.. we're dorks.. but we love it.
By the end of the night the kids decided they were going to play dress up. Marek had no problem being a fairy like Reilly. When we would tell Reilly how pretty she was... Marek would say. "I'm pretty too."

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day actually started early for me on Friday afternoon. Kevin took me for a "surprise" lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant "Bayridge". Sooo yummy! Also gave us a little bit of relaxing time while Marek was at school.

After work we picked up Marek and told him we were going to go and pick up part of his Valentine's gift. We went to the pet store and bought him a fish tank. :) He was very excited. We told him that it wouldn't be till the next day until we could go and pick up the fish. Because it takes 24 hours for the tank to get settled.

Here is a picture of the tank. The fish he picked out looks a lot like the little guy on the bottom left. And we picked out the same plants as the ones in the picture.

Saturday we went to eat dinner at the "Black Hammock Fish Camp" one of our fav little off beat places to eat. Its a relaxing patio/live music restaurant that has little aligators inside. You can also order aligator dishes. :) During dinner they came over and brought us a big alligator head to hang out at our table. Marek thought it was cool. We also took a picture of Rhett Davis. He sings a lot of peaceful oldies. Marek just loves him, and cheers the loudest. Rhett always comes to our table to talk to Marek, they are definitely buddies.

After dinner we went to Petsmart to pick out Marek's new fish. We decided on an orange and white Fantail Fancy goldfish. His name is "Mo".

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Tent

We just bought a new tent for our upcoming camping trip at Disney's Fort Wilderness. But wanted to do a test run with it ahead of time. Marek wanted to help with everything. Which is wonderful, and I hope that excitement sticks around for another 20+ years. :) Well since we put it up over the weekend, we have not taken it down. Maybe this evening we will. Marek wants to be in it ALL the time. He litterally runs circles in it non-stop. But takes breaks to tumble and roll around like a little monkey. I think he'll do great at camping. We're thinking we might even have to do some Oviedo camping on our property. Like a little jungle camping safari trip. Bring your tent, you're invited!!

Hollywood Studios (Formally MGM)

We took a short after nap trip to Hollywood Studios. We didn't spend a whole lot of time there, but had time to check out Lightning McQueen (Marek's fav) and the Little Mermaid show. We also went and saw and rode on the new Toy Story ride. It was a really neat shooting game, until it stopped... They had us evacuate the ride, and wait in line to leave. By the time we got out... the park was closed. Oh-well.. good thing we have annual passes and can go back next week to finish our ride! :)

Marek and Reilly

Disney Parade and Fireworks

The love of Disney... we just can't get enough of this place!! We are totally getting our moneys worth here! Marek loves getting to hang out with his pals, and Mickey at the same time!