Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Working and Lounging at the Property

After some hard work... it's nice to relax in the Black Hammock, on a Hammock.. Not much beats this..

Max's New House

Our turtle Max has outgrown his home, so we have upgraded him to a bigger space. He now has his very own little pool. I have planted some fresh collard greens, beans, and sweet basil for him to nibble on. And also planted 3 different types of lettuce and carrots in some pots on our porch for him. He is loving his new digs! Marek is also loving it because now he can watch Max cruise around his new house.


I'm THREE! They made this adorable hat for Marek at school. He really likes it. Had to share. :)

Marek's 3RD Birthday

Wow... everyday I can't believe how big our little boy has gotten. He's 3+ now! Unbelievable.. And such personality, and sweet little heart. I feel so lucky to have such a precious loving and sweet little boy.
For Marek's 3rd Birthday I decided I'd try having it at home with a big bounce house. Marek was thrilled when they set it up that morning. Actually he could barely sleep the night before his party because he saw me and Kevin setting everything up in the garage/driveway. That morning he bounced and bounced before all of his friends arrived. By the time they all got there, he was totally pooped out. Here are a few pictures of his big birthday event. We had sno-cones and a pull up pit came and brought us BBQ. We did a pull string pinata so that no one got hurt, and the rest of the time the kids ran around and bounced around. For his birthday cake I put together his favorite dessert. Brownies from Boston Market. :) He was in heaven!