Monday, April 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Orr-Harris-Gold Pumpkin Patch Competition 2009!!

Marek tending to his pumpkin patch. He is obsessed with checking on this patch! Everyday he goes to check on it. We love it!

What to do with the top bunk..

Marek is too small to sleep on the top bunk of his bunk bed, so Kevin put it together so that he couldn't climb the ladder. Marek knows that when he's 6 (according to what the bed instructions suggest) is when he's allowed to go up there. He also knows that the cat, loves to sleep up there. Here is the bed getting total use. I just love it!

Marek reminds me that only big kids or big cats can sleep up there.

Shed and Bridges

We have all been slaving away on the property (especially Kevin). Here are some pictures from our latest addition. The shed..... or "The Little House" as Marek likes to call it.

Me and Marek always head over to the property after naptime. When he got up from his nap last week I told him we were going to the property to help daddy. This is our conversation.

Me: Want to go to the property?
Marek: Oh yes! I want to go to the property.
Me: Daddy is there. What do you think Daddy is doing?
Marek: Daddy is in the little house, he's playing with his tools.
Me: (Chuckling) I'm sure that is exactly what he's doing.

I love that at his age.. everything is fun. I hope this lasts forever.

Our little friend the mouse. He's sooo cute that we're going ro build him his own little home. (Outside the shed.)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

All the dads (Harris's, Gold's, Davis's and Orr's) and kids went to see a Broadway Musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I snapped this picture as they were heading out. They looked too cute! :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter at the Harris's

We all had a blast heading over to the Harris's for a Easter brunch and egg hunt. The kids all had a great time searching for those eggs, and even more fun opening them and seeing their prizes.

Marek had such a great time that he actually totally crashed out as soon as he got in the car to head home.

Waiting for the hunt to begin!

Laughing it up! And getting crazy!

Marek and Mason taking a lolly pop break after some serious bounching.

Easter Morning

Easter Morning! Has the bunny arrived?? Of course!! The bunny never skips Oviedo! :)

The face of total excitement. Okay.. maybe not.. But he's half asleep, and thrilled about that big new truck.

Atlanta ING Marathon

My 6th Marathon and 3rd State Down! Race day was March 29th. (I'm totally behind on my blog)

I have set a goal to do all 50 States. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish this crazy feat one of these days. Next week I'm actually off to Ohio to get in another state. The Flying Pig. Stay tuned for that one.

About my race.. I was hoping to trim 5 minutes off of my previous fastest marathon and be under 5 hours. I would have taken 4:59:99 and called it a day.. But on my race day, I was enjoying my run. And came in at 4:37:09!!!!! I took off almost 28 minutes off of my fastest marathon! It's now going on 4+ weeks since that race, and I'm still in shock. Hopefully I can run another great race like that in Ohio. Maybe even trim another 7 minutes off.. :) (Wishful thinking) Here are a few pictures from my day.

Nothing is more touching and rewarding than seeing my family cheer me on when I round the last corner towards the finish line. The smiles from the two of them are priceless.

Kevin says I was just glowing at lunch. I was in a state of shock that I was able to cut that much time off. We went to a cute little diner in downtown Atlanta.

This was my lunch. And boy did it hit the spot! Warm yummy goodness!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Josiah's 6th Birthday

My oldest nephew turned 6! And we were so happy to get to celebrate with him. My sister who is a party planning master planned a serious carnival themed party. It had everything from candy apples, funnel cakes, fishing games, basketball, face painting, fool the guesser, ballon artist, to cotton candy (my job). And soooo much more! It was a really awesome party, and Marek and all the kids had a total blast. Here are a few pictures of the exciting big 6! Happy 6th Birthday Josiah! Love, Auntie Am