Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Helping Daddy Build Bridges

Marek and Kevin have been clearing out paths on the property and built foot bridges so that you can easily cross the creeks. Marek spends most of his time out there finding the biggest sticks, and throwing rocks into the creeks.

Memaw and Paw... you would be sooo proud to see your grandson. He is an outdoorsy boy! He loves being on "the property" and asks us regularly when we're going back.

Fort Wilderness 2009

I figured I'd better get our camping trip updated before we leave in a couple of days to take our Georgia trip. We (the Harris's and Orr's) decided we'd try camping with our little ones. So we decided we take a tame camping trip at Fort Wilderness Disney for a couple nights. It was a ton of fun. The kids ran around the campsites trying to feed birds and would take breaks to people watch. It was a great time. The second night two other couples joined us for all the fun and excitement. It was a lot of fun, and we plan on going back in January. Here are a few pictures.

Checking out the horse stables. Maybe next year they will be tall enough for a ride. :)

Totally wiped out. He was fighting some serious allergies. Poor kid got it from his mom and dad.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cheer Competition

Kimberly (Kevin's cousin) and family were in Orlando for a cheer competion. Molly who is nine cheers for a Memphis squad. She rocked it!! They did such an awesome job! So we went to wish her luck while they were in town. :) Marek "loved" Molly. :)

Silly faces for Molly. :)

3 decker chair..

Marek and his BFF Reilly

Here are some really awesome pictures that were professionally done by Amanda McMahon The kids were at a park close to our house. Check them out! Some of them I'm going to blow up, for Marek's playroom. :) Do you like??

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning

After a long weekend... Marek was not ready to go to school this morning.. Had to take a picture of his pouty face.. hahaha!

After Race at Hollywood Studios

My little cheeseball, making a big cheesy smile!

They loved Woody and Buzz.. but were very shy.

What a busy day for this little boy! He made it all but 3 minutes in the car!

ESPN 5K Race Day and Kids Fun Run

Race Day! Marek was super thrilled when I asked him if he'd like to run in a race, like mommy does. I told him that he'd get a special shirt, and if he finished.. they'd give him a medal. Boy was he sold! So he and his friend Reilly ran the race after the moms ran in the 5K.

We had a fun time running in the 5K. It was a great day for running for me. I finished the 5K in 28:00 minutes flat, and came in 97th place out of 697 woman. I was super happy!

Here Marek is.. first thing in the morning. Getting pumped up for his very first big race!!

Catriona and I after our big finish!

Marek getting antsy.. Wanting to start his race already.. What a funny little kid he is..

Mommy is soooo proud! And so is Marek. :) #108!

Starting to line up for the start. Reilly and Marek were ready to run "REALLY REALLY FAST" so they said. And boy did they!

On your mark.... get set... GO!!!

Marek was rounding the bend, to the finish line and got plowed into from the back. Another little boy was on top of him, and had run right into Marek. Marek was obviously scared, and not happy. He didn't see it coming! I asked him if he wanted to stop.. and he said no.. and kept running. What a trooper. He was really sad because he got his knees banged up.

His friend Reilly told him she'd rub his back. It was too cute. They are such best friends.

Race Weekend Goodie Bag Pickup

We started off on Friday night going out to Disney to pick up our goodie bags, and race numbers for our fun races the next morning. Marek was excited about getting to run a race like Mommy!

It appears that I was more excited about it, than he was.