Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yard Work

Typical weekend work.. This weekend Marek was helping daddy. And when I say help, he's just running along side, while daddy does the work.

All that work really poops him out.

Yep... he's a tree hugger. I love it! :)

Tower of Terror 13K

Last night at 10:00pm I ran in a really fun race. For one.. it was totally different because it was at night time. And two, I wore black skull tights and my hair in pig tails with black bows. A friend from my office and her boyfriend also ran in this race, and dressed up. It was a blast. The finish line was at Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror ride. After the race everyone was allowed to ride the rides. It was nice, and exhausting. I usually don't stay up past 10:30 every night, and it was a crazy late night for me. I've been paying for it today.
The race went great. This was a 8.1 mile run, and my goal was to finish in 1 hour and 20 minutes. That would be a 10 minute pace throughout. I finished in 1:18:37!! I was thrilled!! Check out my coooool medal. It even has a movable elevator, like the ride. :)

Posing for the Camera

This is what I got when I asked him to pose for me. This is something my mother would tell you that I did as a kid.

New T-Rex Restaurant

We had to take a trip down to the Disney area yesterday to pick up my race information for my Tower of Terror 13K I did last night. So Kev had this wonderful idea to have lunch at this super cool restaurant. It just opened on October 14. So it was pretty squeeky fresh. This restaurant is owned by the same people that do the Rainforest Cafe. It was very cool. Marek liked it, but was a scared when they'd turn the lights down low, and all the lights would change colors, then the dinosaurs would all start moaning, and grunting.. That part was pretty spooky to him. Next year he'll be even more into it.

Monday, October 20, 2008


The pumpkin patch couldn't make Marek happier. He found his pumpkin and carried it around the entire time. We have been to this little patch the past couple years, and love it. The people are great with the kids. He always gets hooked up with multiple stickers and coloring books. Of course we had to stop and take a pumpkin photo, at the designated photo spot. He hugged that pumpkin the whole way home.

Cheesy cheesy smile.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Parks parks parks

Today during my run, we passed by this cool little park. So when I got home, we took a little trip to check it out. As always.. we had a blast. Today was fantastic weather!

Nike Woman's Half Marathon

I ran a virtual half marathon this morning with a few girls from my running group. We had a great run. The temperature was 'PERFECT" 62 degrees. Totally wonderful. Minus the fact that we all started at 4:30 am. Very early morning. This picture is of me and Lorraine, one of my group leaders. :) Our run was a PR for her today. Her fastest half marathon! Too cooooool!

Winter Springs Hometown Harvest

We went to this Hometown Harvest Event that Winter Springs was hosting. It was the cutest little event. All of the events for the kids were free. They had pumpkin decorating and hayrides. And they were giving away all kinds of free little goodies for Marek. He loved getting to carry around his pumpkin bag full of free stuff.

The only thing that I would have changed about our evening, would have been the rain.. If you look close in our pictures.. we are all rather damp. Didn't stop us from having our hayride.

A big John Deere tractor pulled us around. :)

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

On Saturday we had our walk for "The American Cancer Society" Our office raised $4200+ I was super pleased with the results. The weather was great and it turned into a nice little 5K walk.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Central Florida ZOO

We had a blast on our day off today. The JCC was closed because it was a Jewish Holiday, so Marek and his buddy Carson headed to the Zoo. First we started off by making a wish at the wishing well.

Then we checked out some ducks and toucans.

Then headed off to the llamas, turkeys, goats, and sheep. :)

A big hit was the big turtles. Marek loved seeing those guys.

While checking out the turtles, they had some loud music playing, so Marek and Carson decided they wanted to take a dancing break. They were too funny, dancing and dropping to the ground.

Next up was the beloved elephants. They took turns being the baby elephant.

We saw a big aligator that looked just like our buddy Hammy from the Black Hammock Fish Camp that we frequent often. Marek pointed him out right away.

After lunch they took a few rides in the fire truck and helicopter.

And then it was SPLASH PARK TIME!! They ran nonstop around that splash park. Laughing and dancing through the water the entire time.

On our way out we had to take a picture at this little bench that they took pictures at over a year and a half ago. What great buddies they are.

Last stop of the day was a little train ride around the park. That was a nice and relaxing treat to end our Zoo day. We even got the very front seat, right behind the conductor! :)