Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Family Fun Fest with the Purps

Marek has been best buds with these 3 gals since he started at the JCC at 12 weeks. And now they are all 2 1/2! Where the time goes, I'll never know. But boy are we all having a fun time. They all got together this weekend for Family Fun Fest at Lake Lily. They got to ride a little train, elephants, carousal, and jump in lots of bounce houses. It was a blast.
Carson, Marek, Annabelle and Charlotte

Marek was actually too scared to go down the slide. He went up it.. and then camped out at the top for 10 minutes or so.. and then slid down the steps.. What a silly boy..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chilly Ride

I had to take some pictures of him in this big coat. Too funny.

Last night we all went out for our regular family Tuesday run. Though last night it was in the 40's, so Marek had to get all bundled up. But when we got home, he was super toasty warm, thanks Josiah for the warm cozy jacket!

Daddy Day at the J

Sunday, Daddy and Marek went to a fun little event at the JCC. It was called "Man in my Life". They got to watch how a volcano erupts, and got to dig for fossils, and experiment with air. Marek thought the air was a little questionable when it blew up his air, but then got the hang of it. The lady running the event, snapped all of these pictures of Marek, she thought he was just too funny with his thin wispy hair blowing straight up.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happiness is Friends

Marek loves hanging out with his two new buds from his class, Reilly and Mason. He talks about them constantly. They both have new baby sisters, and Marek always includes them too. They are all just too cute! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been tagged..

I didn't realize that I could be tagged in a blog... but I did.. Thanks to Catriona. Sisters-Reilly and Brooke :)

Weird Things About Amber

1. I wash my hands nonstop all day.. And wash Marek's hand and face constantly. Now he is obsessed with napkins and being clean. Maybe this one qualifies as crazy.. not weird..??

2. I can curl my tongue with 3 curls in it at one time.

3. When I was 3 I got into puzzles heavily. I would get bored and turn the puzzle over on the brown side, and put the pieces together that way.

4. In private school, I sold the most magazines in the school and got to be principal for the day. I sat in the principal’s office and ordered pizza, and he sat in my classes and took notes..

5. My family has always celebrated half birthdays, and so now I'm celebrating them for Marek. I don't find this to be weird.. But most people seem too.

6. I used to paint rocks and make holiday stationary when I was in elementary school, and sell it to all of my neighbors. They would actually buy it from me. It was awesome!

7. I won an actual trip to Hawaii when I was 8ish, but when they saw that I was too young, I didn't receive it. Boooooo! Maybe that's one of the reasons why I wanted to get married in Hawaii..

Now I am going to tag.....

Half Birthday

Marek is a big 2 1/2 now. And he's very aware that he's more than two. Last night a bunch of us all went to dinner at Texas de Brazil, and since it fell on Marek's half birthday, we had a little party for him. He especially enjoyed his big John Deere truck from Grandma. Grandma, you'll be getting a call from him shortly.. I only took one picture of him. So this is it.. I'll have to snap some of him and his new truck.

Bounce Bounce for Baby Brooke

Reilly's parents threw a party for their newest little addition Brooke. It was a really nice brunch, and a great idea to welcome her to all of her friends and family. (Catriona, I might have to steal your great idea when we have our next one.) ;)

At the party they had a bounce house. So Marek got to bounce with a couple of his new friends from his class, and had such an awesome time. At first he was hesitant (not surprising) but quickly warmed up. He still hasn't stopped talking about jumping in the bounce house with his friends Reilly and Mason.

Marek and Mason

Monday, November 3, 2008

2nd Place Winning Pumpkin

I won 2nd place in our pumpkin decorating contest at the office on Friday. And won $25 cash. We went to lunch on Saturday with our winnings. :)


Marek was so into Halloween this year. I really didn't think he would actually wear his hat and bandana that came with his little Train Engineer costume, but boy was I wrong. I told him that if he wanted to go Trick-or-Treating then he'd need to wear his costume like the little boy on the picture (that came with his outfit). He was totally okay with it. Not only did he wear his hat and bandana the entire time that he was out, but also the whole time that he handed candy out to the kids. He was having such a blast.

At his first house, and good friends of ours. Loves to go and visit Mrs. Stephanie, and Mr. Michael.

Handing out candy to the kids. He enjoyed this as much as receiving candy.

His loot! And boy did he enjoy his chocolate!