Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oviedo Playground

Back to one of our FAV playgrounds in Oviedo! Marek and Reilly had fun running around and eating snacks.

Animal Kingdom on MLK Day

Marek had Martin Luther Kings Day off from school. So we went to Animal Kingdom. We also met up with his buddy Reilly and her family. Boy did they have a blast. We were there all day, and covered practically the entire park. Basically the only things we didn't do, was the big kid rides.

This was one of the very first things we did. We rode on the train. It was nice and relaxing. The kids hugged a lot.

We went and saw the Bugs Life Show in the base of the "Tree of Life" it was actually pretty scary for little kids. Marek was shaking most of the time. It was dark and loud, and it sprayed water.
Maybe in a year or so.. he'll like it more..

Here they are on their way to the petting zoo. They had a blast brushing all of the animals. The animals didn't mind at all. They actually seemed pleasantly happy.

The very end of the day we watched the parade. We actually had the best spot, because we were at the corner, and no one could stand in front of us. We got total special attention too. A bunch of characters stopped and high-fived the kids because they were right up front. Marek and Reilly waved non-stop!

Mr. Richards and the Park

We met up with Carrie and her daughter Carson for a fun little event at the JCC. Mr. Richards came and played music and sang for the kids. It was very cute, and Marek totally rocked out. As you can see he's pulling out some of his Boy Band Moves...

After lunch we headed over to Maitland Community Park. One of my very favorite parks. (Mom you will remember it because it's the same place we had Marek's 1st birthday party.) They ran around for about an hour, and then were pretty beat. It was a fun day. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009


Hopefully in the next couple of days I can update my blog with some exciting stuff from the past week. This week has been just crazy hectic? Ever have those weeks? I think they became consistent around 2 1/2 years when Marek arrived.

Check back soon, for some new "Orr House" additions..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Disney Certificate

How fun! Double Click on it to view! :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Disney Marathon Day

I hit a PR!! (Personal Record) Sure.. I only beat my fastest time by a couple minutes.. But for me.. every second counts. My time was 5:04:57. I really wish that I could have broken 5 hours.. but then theres always next time. Speaking of next time... that is right around the corner in March. So check back then, maybe I'll have more exciting news to post. :)

As far as races go... This race was hectic!! By far the most marathoners I have ever run with. 17,000 people signed up. And 15,000 showed up and finished. The most full marathoners I have run with was in Nashville and that was only 3,000. So this was a very crowded race. I hope Atlanta will be better.

Here are a few pictures from the race. I stole the first 3 from the pros site.. so they are pretty low quality, because they were tiny. But you get the jist..

Oh.. and some of Marek and his buddy Reilly in Bruce the big shark from Nemo. They cruised around Epcot, hanging out having a jolly ol' time while I was pounding the pavement.. ;)

Marek was waiting for mommy to cross that finish line!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Magic Kingdom with his Buds

We had a great day at Disney with Reilly and Mason. We spent half the day riding rides and cruising around Disney. I think Marek's favorite part was riding the monorail. Here are a few pictures from thier day. The first picture was actually the last thing we did before we left. We lined them all up and had a to take a quick photo. None of them wanted to have anything to do with us by that point. Too funny.

Marek got a Woody doll from Disney. And has yet to let him go since we bought him. He is currently in the car waiting for Marek to get out of school. They are best buds now.

BIG Boy Bed

We went and got Marek's new big boy bed this past weekend. He was really excited to go to IKEA and pick it up. He loves getting to go there and play with all of their neat toys. Well we loaded it up and brought it home, and boy was he excited. He knew that it was HIS big boy bed, and kept telling us about it over and over. So once it got put together, he was happier than if it were Christmas.

I do have to say that I was pretty worried. Mostly because he is a awesome sleeper, and loves going to his bed (crib). And I feared that things might change once he moved to a bed that he could easily get out of. But nothing has changed. If anything he is even more excited for bed time. He runs in and rolls around a few times, and laughs and smiles uncontrollable every time. He feels like such a big boy. Though he looks like a tiny little boy in his new big bed. Once he gets bigger then we will open up the top bunk bed part. Kevin put it together so that the ladder would be against the wall. He tells us that the ladder is too small for him. Too funny..


We are currently in the process of converting our office to a playroom. Marek of course can't get enough of the room. He is so happy to have his toys over in their own room. It's still a work in progress because we still need to buy him a little couch, and his AV cabinet. But it's coming together.

New Year's Eve

We went to the Harris's house for New Years. They had everything all set up so nicely for the kids and adults. They planned a dinner for the kids and then an early ball drop which consisted of some fireworks for the kids. Then bed time. We put all of their blankets and bedrolls from school together in the playroom, and said goodnight. Well of course they didn't go to bed. They danced and cheered but stayed in the playroom until around 10:30. Then Catriona moved Reilly into her room, and she went right to bed. Then Marek and Mason fell asleep. They literally danced themselves to sleep. While all of that was going on, the parents got to enjoy a fabulous dinner and relaxed and made smores outside at the fire pit. Then followed that up with some Wii bowling. I am now addicted!! And have a sore shoulder from it.. How sad!

A loud firework made him turn his head super fast. I caught it on camera. Too funny.

Jumping in Reilly's bounce house.