Monday, August 24, 2009

Arrr Matey

Marek's Halloween costume came in on Saturday, and he just had to try it on. He is excited because he gets to wear it in September on Pirate night on the Disney cruise we're going on. He knows we're going on a big ship, and he gets to bring his sword!


Saturday was a very proud day for Kevin. Marek got to go to his very first gymnastics class. He is now part of the "Shining Stars" class at Broadway Gymnastics. We'll see if he grows up to be a 1st class gymnast like his daddy, and walk in his footsteps. As soon as the class was over we asked him if he liked it and wanted to do it again. He goes OH YES! Let’s do it again now! He was ready for another hour of gymnastics. He was the smallest kid in his class, and loved watching the bigger kids crab crawl across the uneven parallel bars. His most favorite activity was getting to jump in the marshmallow pit.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mowing is fabulous to some..

Marek gets a kick out of whoever is mowing. I'm sure its a boy thing. Loud machine.. chomping grass.. whatever it may be. I got back from a hot 4 mile run, and decided I'd give Kev a break this week and mow the grass.. Marek is excited and cheering me on!

Mason's 3rd Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Mason! We went to his party at the JCC gym. They had a great little obstacle course set up for the kids. With fun rings they could hang from, and a slide, balance beam, and a trampoline. It was very cool. Then we all went to the party room that was themed as Thomas the Train. Marek had such a fabulous time. :)

Yummy icing!
His scar is healing up quite nicely!

Pirate bones and race car tattoos... could life get any better?

Checking out the sweet goodies!

Ring pops are the best! Passed out on the ride home.. Ring pop in hand...

Everyone loves a day at the park..

Back to Marek's FAV little local Oviedo park. He's getting a little braver on some of the equiptment. He tells me that he's a big boy now and he can do it! So I cringe and step back, and watch.. Here are some pictures from our Saturday fun day at the park

Running fast!

No hands!

Monkey Man

Snack time.. Banana Banana!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Scoot and Gracie Meet

After being in their own rooms for a week, and then being able to see one another but not touch one another... They finally meet.

Gracie being a kitten, is very frisky and wants to play with Scoot. Scoot on the other hand isn't sure what to think of her. He's not ready to start playing chase yet. But I think they are making good strides towards friendship. Here Scoot is sniffing out Gracie's box. It's there temporarily until we feel they are both ready to share the whole house.

Sniffing each other out. Don't they look like they are related! I love it!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Open House and Day 1 of New Class!

We went to visit Marek's new teachers in Room 1 of his new class on Tuesday at Open House. He has been talking about moving up to this new "BIG BOY" class for the past couple weeks. He already knew his teachers, and was really looking forward to being with them.

Ms. Looker and Ms. Lyon are AWESOME! We honestly couldn't be more pleased at this moment. I think they will be amazing teachers for Marek and for us. He came home and told us that he "LOVES" his new teachers. And that they are sooooooooo nice to him. He loves to talk about the new big kid playground and the "digger" and "scoop" he gets to play with. Looks like something we need at our property!

Here are a few pictures of open house and then Marek's first day. Instead of bringing an apple to the teachers. We brought them peaches and clementines. We think those are more tasty! Marek doesn't ever look thrilled in the mornings.. because he is a bit shy for the first 15 minutes.. But he was cheering the whole way to school.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tragic Sunday Morning

What started out as a lovely Sunday morning... quickly switched to tramatic! Every Saturday and Sunday Marek is our alarm clock. He comes into our room and brings his lovey "blanket" and hops on up to wake us up. This particular day he said he was still sleepy. So he actually fell back to sleep. I of course was wide awake because he was practically laying right on top of me. So I snapped a few cute photos of him and daddy asleep in bed. I felt like I needed too because I had never seen him asleep in our bed before. I started feeling the morning urge to use the restroom.. but didn't want to wake Marek up. I started to get up and Marek opened his eyes and kinda smiled and rolled over to Kevs side. So I was like... YAY FREEDOM! I'll run to the bathroom real quick. No joke... less that a minute and a half goes by and I hear the most horrid scream. Followed by Kevin saying WHAT happened??!! My worst fear....... Marek had rolled over asleep and I assume looking for me.. and fell off of our bed. On his way down his head hit the drawer pull on the side table. (and even bent the whole nail inside) He had a deep gash that went all the way to the bone. Surprising because it was on the muscle... there was very little blood.

We quickly decided we needed to take him to the emergency room. So we drove him to Florida Hospital Altamonte. They were INCREDIBLE! They immediently took him in and a doctor came in to see him the second we walked in. It was amazing service. They treated him and us so well, and made us so comfortable. They put a numbing agent on the cut for 30 minutes and then were ready to do the stiches. They ended up giving him two shots to numb the area and gave him 3 stiches. They actually wrapped him up in a sheet like a mummy. If you ask him.. He'll tell you they wrapped him up like a mommy. When I correct him... He goes NO... LIKE A MOMMY.. LOL!!

We did get a wonderful report back from the doctor.. He told us that honestly.. Marek was more calm than most adults that he sees. :) Yay Marek! What a tough little boy!
Hopefully we won't be visiting the ER too often.... it sure did take a lot out of me, and Kev..

On a positive note. Marek is doing great, and is getting his stiches removed on Thursday. He has yet to slow down... and I honestly believe he might have actually sped up a bit...

Not happy about the numbing agent.

Eating snacks... waiting for the 30 minute numbing.

After he got stiched up!

Much needed nap. After a real rough day.


Gracie is our latest and most lovely addition to the Orr Family. She is a 4 1/2 month old Russian blue/mix kitty. I happened to be searching Petfinder and came across her. I e-mailed Kev the picture and he was like find out if she's still available! I called right away and sure enough she was. Wendy her foster mom was gracious enough to let us stop by and visit her on our way home.

We instantly fell in love with her. She was frisky and looked almost identical like Scoot did as a baby. She even has the same white spot on her belly like Scoot. Scoot has been an only kitty his whole life and we figured that now that he's 9 years old, he'd be willing to adjust better to a new addition. Currently we are phasing them in slowly. Gracie of course is super ready to play with Scoot, and as curious as ever. Scoot is curious, but needs a little more time until we join the two together.

Here is more about Gracie from her PetFinder Page

And more info from the agency. They are wonderful!! They keep all their animals at Foster homes until they are found forever homes. I was really impressed with them. Here is a link to their site.

Marek loves playing with Gracie, and I love that she jumps on my lap whenever she gets the chance. She is such a fun little spirited kitty, and I look forward to the many years she will spend with us.

On a funny note... Gracie is a BIG TIME purring kitty. She has such a loud little motor. Marek is not used to hearing that sound, because Scoot usually doesn't purr when he's around. Marek heard that sound and goes... MOMMY! Gracie has FROGS! Whenever Marek has gas... we call that "frogs".. So he assumed that Gracie had gas.... It was too funny... I said.. no thats called purring, only cats do that. So whenever he brings it up he says it like PUR-RING. It's very cute.

Gracie is like me... She LOVES tub time! She likes to eat bubbles and sit on the edge every night while I take my bath. She's so curious that she actually fell in half way once.. but that didn't seem to phase her.. she just licked it up, and hopped back on the edge.