Friday, September 25, 2009


Yep.... just call us the bowl-orrs.

We had our annual "Bowl-O-Rama" event for the office yesterday. Marek is kinda like the office mascot because he gets to come to all the after hours events with the firm since both of us work at the same place. Marek of course LOVES getting to do anything with the office folks. Last night was actually a all family invited event for the first time since we have been doing the bowling event. So other kids came and bowled with Marek. He had sooo much fun. They put bumpers up for the kids and gave them a metal ramp to set the ball on top. Then the ball would go straight down the lane. Marek ended up bowling better than us, and even got a couple strikes! Gotta love the ramp!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday, and a few from the previous years. What a big boy he is now.

Bowl-O-Rama 2009

Bowl-O-Rama 2008 They even made him his own little tiny matching shirt! Auntie Ines and uncle John ROCK!

Serious game face, and ready to bowl! Our team won that year.

2007 Bowl-O-Rama Marek's first bowling experience.



I can't even put into words how much fun we had on the Disney/Anniversary cruise.

Marek has not stopped talking about it since we've been back. And that was over 2 weeks ago. Poor thing even cried when we had to go home and leave the boat. I think we all felt like crying a little too. We are already counting the days till we get to go again.

All the fun started the second we got to the port to unload baggage. Me and Marek were waiting for Kev to park the car, when here comes Gabby and her grandma. Gabby's mom was Marek's teacher for the 1st two years at the JCC. She has been one of our very close friends since the moment we started at the school. And we were thrilled to hear that the whole family would be cruising with us! Not only that but they were only like 4 rooms down from us on the cruise. I also ran into my BESTFRIEND from highschool and her husband and 3 yr old. It was fantastic! We knew right off the bat that our trip was going to rock! Speaking of rocking... Marek played at "the club" and got chosen to dance onstage with Mickey and Minnie to a "FRIENDSHIP ROCKS" song. This experience will stay with him for life. And of course for us proud parents. :) Here are tons of photos of our weekend.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Kev! Thanks for surprising me and Marek with this great trip. We love you!

Special "adult only" dinner for our Anniversary.

Swimming in a Mickey ear.

Marek watching the boat coming in to bring us into port. It was cool, the boat came right under our balcony.

Sunset from our balcony.

Marek got to ride in the very very front of the van taking us to Atlantis. Both on the way and back. He said it was his favorite thing to do while in Nassau.

Atlantis in Nassau
Our boat, the Disney Wonder.

The actual boat from Pirates of the Caribbean, The Flying Dutchman
Marek and Carlos (Mels husband) having a BLAST at Castaway Cay. (Disney's Island)
Mickey Mouse ketchup? Boy Disney does think of everything.

I'll post a video of Marek onstage with Mickey and Minnie when we get it off the camera. :)

Epcot Weeks Ago

I am sooooooo behind on blogging. Our families have probably started to believe that we have gone undercover or something. I will try and update quickly what has gone on with us over the last month plus.

We went on a fantastic family day to Epcot. We rode dinosaur rides and Nemo rides, and ate yummy lunch at a Mexican restaurant. It was a great sunny day at Epcot. Here's a couple pictures of me and my little man.