Friday, September 25, 2009


Yep.... just call us the bowl-orrs.

We had our annual "Bowl-O-Rama" event for the office yesterday. Marek is kinda like the office mascot because he gets to come to all the after hours events with the firm since both of us work at the same place. Marek of course LOVES getting to do anything with the office folks. Last night was actually a all family invited event for the first time since we have been doing the bowling event. So other kids came and bowled with Marek. He had sooo much fun. They put bumpers up for the kids and gave them a metal ramp to set the ball on top. Then the ball would go straight down the lane. Marek ended up bowling better than us, and even got a couple strikes! Gotta love the ramp!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday, and a few from the previous years. What a big boy he is now.

Bowl-O-Rama 2009

Bowl-O-Rama 2008 They even made him his own little tiny matching shirt! Auntie Ines and uncle John ROCK!

Serious game face, and ready to bowl! Our team won that year.

2007 Bowl-O-Rama Marek's first bowling experience.


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CHarris said...

Cute! Maybe some day he'll have his own ball ;-)