Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Beloved Park

Everyday on our drive home from the office and school we pass by our downtown Oviedo Park. It seems like everyday we get stuck at the light right in front of the park, which reminds Marek, that he wants to go. We usually always tell him that we'll have to wait till the weekend to go play there. So today, with the weather being pleasant (it was overcast) we went to the park. As you can see from the pictures, we all enjoyed the park, and the slides... And for some reason Marek wanted to bring his Shamu.

Here are a couple action shots that really crack me up.. Marek is getting braver now. And likes to do "big" jumps. I don't let him do anything too crazy, but this was relatively harmless. He's jumping off the end of the slide, in these pictures. The first one is of him jumping over Shamu. They are blurry.. but cool to see him in the air.

Duck Feeding

Since Marek was a little baby we've been taking walks to our community pond to feed the local ducks. It's such a wonderfully convenient type of thrifty entertainment. Most of the ducks at our pond are those yucky huge Muscovy ducks. I like to refer to them as Turkey ducks, because of that weird flesh they have all over their faces. We also have some white Peking, which are my personal favorite because of a childhood pet we had. And a few wood ducks, and sand cranes. Almost all of the ducks come up to receive treats from us, usually running towards us at high waddling speeds. And more than half will eat right from your hand.. These ducks are all very spoiled by all the neighborhood kids, and especially Marek's weekly visits.

Wearing our boots...

When water is involved... you get to wear your rain boots.. Marek adores his rain boots, so we make sure we do lots of puddle jumping when it rains. Or we make our own puddles, like when we wash the cars. This weekend we didn't really have any rain so we got to play in the car wash puddles. We even let him wear his jammies outside with his boots. As you can tell... he loved it.

Being able to play in the front seat of both of our cars is such a fun activity to him. I think he feels like he's in charge. He sits in there and changes every possible setting in just under 2 minutes.. He'll start shouting out Daddy's buttons (when in Kev's car) or Mommy's buttons in mine. It's pretty cute, until the next day when you're driving along and realize your heated seats are on. Not fun in Florida summers.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Robot Jammies

Marek loves wearing new clothes.. Here he is after his bath in his new jammies. He was running around the house, happy as ever. Check out that full belly he's got there.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Body Parts

Marek was in extremely rare form yesterday, while we were driving home from school. So I decided to get some of his high pitched squeeky voice on video. Such a silly little boy we have. And very entertaining.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar book is very popular in our house. Basically almost any book is popular in our house, but this one in particular brings out the extremely animated child that we have. The best part of this book is when the caterpillar builds a tiny house around himself called a cocoon.. and after two weeks he turns into "A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY" Marek always cheers! So I wanted to document some of these fun and precious moments. Also after either one of us reads him a book, he'll then switch to the other parent and asks them to read him the same book. :)

Sesame Street Live

This past weekend was great. We all went and saw Sesame Street Live; Elmo Grows Up. It tickles me getting to see these shows again. It's been a good 20+ years since I got to attend a Sesame Street Live show. And now I get to enjoy my childhood all over again. IT'S GREAT!! Here are a few pictures of us at the show. The majority of the time Marek was standing and dancing, jumping and shouting at the show. He was having a blast. The only time he would get upset was when Elmo or Big Bird left the stage. He wanted more Elmo and more Big Bird. The best thing was when he looked at me and started shaking his head.. No, hold Elmo... he would say. He wanted to hold the Elmo from the stage, but needed me to reassure him that, that wasn't possible. It was very sad to him. So.. Marek got a special treat, and got his own super furry Elmo from the Arena.

Friday, September 19, 2008

1 year Anniversary

Kevin and I just Celebrated our one year Anniversary this past weekend. It is WILD to me that it has already been a year. It feels like just last month that we were counting down the days till our wedding in paradise.. Seeing the turtles lounging on the beaches, and eating the most delicious freshly picked fruits every morning for breakfast. Maybe we'll get to return to our little slice of heaven (Kona Village) on our 5 year Anniversay. One can always dream....

Here is a picture of our adorable little Hale'. What a dreamy place..

Our cute little cake for two.. Though we only ate 2 bites.. What a sad little waste..

Dessert at Emerils Tchoup Chop this year! :)

Attempting to blog...

It seems that everyone is getting into blogging, and I ask myself... why not me?

Usually what comes to my mind first, is time. I barely have time to do my day to day activities.. But with a little organizing.. I think I can squeeze 30 minutes here or there to make time to keep my relatives updated on our little family. :)

So... what's new at the Orr House? Our little Marek is getting over a nasty cold. He was out yesterday with daddy. Poor thing looked miserable the last couple days. Though it was hard not to giggle when he would still try and sing, and his voice was all hoarse.

But even though he was sick... he got to drive around in his new jeep. Our neighbor next door gave Marek this really sweet little Jeep. Marek was thrilled to get this gift.. And we were too. The boy next door outgrew it, and only used it a handfull of times. He doesn't have the steering part down yet, but likes to push the gas in. After a few more test drives, I think he'll have it down.