Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween at Coolbrook 2009

Every year we have a tradition that we go to Mrs. Stephanie's, Mr. Michael, and their daughter Katties house first. They always do something extra special for him, and this year we brought them a treat for Halloween. :o) Nothing beats going to the Shaus house on Halloween. :)

This year was EXTRA fun on Coolbrook. We went down to Owen's house for Halloween. They just live a couple houses down. Marek was totally siked and pumped about trick-or-treating this year. Not only did we stop at a tons of houses, but 6 of our families got driven around by a 4 wheeler with an 18 foot hayride attached to it. It was beyond fabulous. All the parents and kids had a awesome time. It even had a ghost with a strobe light on it.

Spoiling Marek with a special made bag for him!

Typical Marek needing to warm up.

Abby was Ariel, and Ariel is Marek's FAV princess. He was in HEAVEN!

Hay is great, showing your undies.. priceless..

Our next family car.

Gracie is helping him check out his loot.

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