Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Party at the Harris's

We went to Brooke and Reilly's Halloween party. Marek had a great time. He's always happy dressing up as a pirate. They had all sorts of activities for the kids. They decorated pumpkins, played pin the tail on the pumpkin, decorated cookies, dinner, and then we all watched Monsters Inc on a big giant inflatable screen outside in the grass. They also had a big bounce house. It was fabulous!!

Here are a few pictures from their night. :) Oh.. and for some strange reason we took a bunch of pictures in the car on the way there, and then none at the party. Maybe someone else took pictures they can send me? :)

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CHarris said...

haha! I'm just seeing this - I'm soooo behind! I have pics, just put some on the video on my blog. When I am back in town I'll send you some too!